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AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

“We thank our head(s)” (see details here )

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 Talismanic Atmosphere And Human Ancestry

“We thank our head(s)”

Atavistic/Ancestral events manifest in talismanic atmosphere

Including humanoids or “aliens” and primordial ancestors of people

Talismanic atmosphere or severe weather-related condition is analogous to toxic atmosphere owing to industrial pollutants from smokestacks, and acid rain. Unlike smog of industrial pollution, talismanic severe weather produces humanoids some people would categorize as aliens.  They are like octopuses in the Ocean but have limbs and other features that make them look like malnourished underdeveloped human body. They exhibit features of fetuses though size of large monkeys as The Oboiro recollects. He saw one run up the stairs about 1955 during a heavy rainstorm. He found an image on the internet that reminds him (not exact image) of what he saw. (SeeAliens) He does not think it had a tail, contrary to what the image suggests. It was agile. 

A significant difference between all aliens that The Oboiro encountered on one hand, and those whose images are in photographs on internet and elsewhere, on the other hand, is that his could not have been photographed because their appearances could not be predicted. One could not have prepared for their appearance to capture their images.

Besides, he went with a camcorder the first time he went to Oke n Anubode. People received him at what became de facto first Aruokun Session on Oke n Anubode. What looked like a person in shirt pointed ARUOKUN out for him. ARUOKUN appeared as a white gargantuan building. When he downloaded the video on the laptop on getting back to Benin City, both person who pointed out ARUOKUN and ARUOKUN were not on film! Indigines of Ughoton, know such people as computer people (CMPTPL). He thinks of talismanic beings as atavistic. He adapts the term from biology to relate the event displaying the recurrence of a feature that has been absent for several generations since breeding of humankind by the founders. These are beings in the waters before the separation, so they were exposed when the waters that enveloped Earth were separated from Earth. Primordial ancestors of humankind the founders left behind belong to same population.

These forms exposed in our time are from same condition that prevailed in the waters that enveloped Earth at arrival of founders of OSAGBAYE. Oceanic atmosphere outside the Ocean during severe weather of rainstorm, smog, mist, and sleet, combine to manifest extra condition that he calls talismanic atmosphere.  Atavistic/Ancestral events manifest during talismanic atmosphere. They include human forms.

They are not permanently of the physical world; they are of another world such that the barrier separating that world and the physical world is bridged during severe weather with heavy precipitation; this allows them to be perceived by some people.

We share ancestry with them; barrier that separates us is an illusion of the senses; they are potential partners with which we should work to gain control in consonance with Divine Plan.


Why have we not recovered from slavery? Others, e g Israelites and Slavonic countries have. A Slavonic country rose to super power of which we are witnesses.

Why are Africans and descendants worldwide, the race in which others trade as slaves—centuries of trans-Sahara slave trade, and further centuries of transatlantic slave trade? Why do we capture and trade in own? We seem only ones who did this in History.

We should note lessons from our critiques. “The Negroes of Africa have received from nature no intelligence that rises above the foolish (David Hume lived from 1711 to1776). He invited anyone to quote a single example of a Negro who had exhibited talents.” He asserted that, “among the hundred thousands of blacks who have been seduced away from their countries, although very many of them have been set free, yet not a single one has ever been found that has performed anything great whether in art or science or in any other laudable subject; among the whites, people constantly rise up from the lowest rabble and acquire esteem through their superior gifts. . . . {5691(Baker: Race)} (Quoted in Dahra Hargaalga Snr, “Take Over Control Without Physical Violence” (TOC) Ch One available here

 Hume wrote over three centuries ago; hence, his observations need to be severely revised in light of present world history. E g “Negroes of Africa” excel now in sports and entertainment industry. They have Nobel laureate among them also. Notwithstanding, light from history of Haiti that dates from era of Hume, illuminates an area people would we had left in dark hidden from history. Haiti is example of a people who defeated their oppressors and slave masters through justified use of physical violence. They defeated the army of Napoleon Bonaparte! They declared independence on January 1, 1804 (or about thirty years after Hume). They were the second to assume independence after the USA. How does Haiti compare with the USA in two hundred years or more later? (See Awesomeness Of Crippling Syndrome)


Our biological essence has roots linked to beings of talismanic conditions, and we thrive in spiritual talismanic atmosphere. Our people indulge in obeah, voodoo, and religious worship of mermaids (mamiwater), magic, and sorcery in error—follow primitive urge of idolatry. We share nature with these; however, we are sublimated when we sing OHHUN and become divine; we then share nature with founders.  My concern is how can we refine or replace negative nature in us to rise above the foolish? That is our quest.

Healing of Mrs X

Healing Mrs X was first time (to his awareness) ebo-energy escaped Oboiro’s body to manifest IDUNAN. The husband and others present broadcast information about it. He denied healing her, because he insists he did not heal her as such; rather his body was generator of sort. The more he denied, the more people praised him for his modesty. This led to "West Indians" among others nicknaming him obeahman. (This culminated in his founding a body to help mainly the block community. Centre for Advanced Studies in Theoretically Psychology and department of Anthropology, University of Alberta, Edmonton Canada, were interested and supervised his work during the period; he did not know whether they knew about the healing.)

Obeah In Contrast To Ebo-energy

“Obeah" according to Random House dictionary definition derives from "obeah" in a language spoken by the Bini people of Nigeria. Oboiro is ethnic Edo or Bini.

"Obeah" in Edo Language or Bini means "poison" as from poisoned arrow, or venom as from fang of a viper. If someone punches your nose, you receive the obeah of the person; when you hit your shin against root of a tree under water as you waded through the stream, you receive the obeah from the root. If you stepped on a rusty nail and it pieced your skin, you ran risk of dying of tetanus infection; tetanus then would be the obeah of the rusty piece of iron. An Obo or adept could project "Ebo" to deliver spiritual equivalent of obeah at a distance (mainly to hurt or kill the victim). Obeah as ebo-energy must have left Oboiro’s body NOT to kill, but to heal Mrs X. 

That was about 1969. He was singing in OHHUN one day in 2013, and Ebo (rather than obeah) left his body and shattered ceiling of the room.

This energy has kept on projecting out of his body all his life. Sometimes, it is a word, at other times it is a bolt. We should all join in studying how we can use it deliberately, effectively, and rationally in our quest.

Accused Witchcraft children

Witchcraft children persecuted for “evil happening around them” may be releasing this ebo-energy. It is not their fault; people should not cajole or hector them to confessing and be healed. Sorcerers in Uganda and elsewhere in Africa, use their blood as ingredients to manufacture talismans, juju, or mojo. The witchdoctors either slaughter them, or drain blood from them, while notifying them that they will ask for their head in due course! (People there “are blessed” with “shaking disease”.) We all should work to find ways of converting the ebo-energy into useful healing energy instead of using it for obeah-sorcery to kill and to hurt. We should protect children from persecution as Witchcraft children.


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