Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)


Aruokun Ancestral Community (AAC)

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AAC is community of people continuously in presence of Provident OKUN

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Odion-rod Odion-Rod

For general definition and paradigm of EBO see here

Odion-rod is artifact as Ebo. “Odion “in Edo language means ELDER. It does not resemble rod in design because we do not want to alert a potential enemy of what it is. We designed it as brief opening or opening envelopes. This way, when you place it on your table in office for example, it would not attract any attention; a rod with shape of familiar rod would arouse suspension and lead to discussions about it. This would be improper.

Odion-rod is Ebo artifact that is “elder” among other Ebo artifacts that belong to the same person or domain. It is in charge of protection of the domain. While individual means such as LiveAxe is a weapon that decimates and wars on the enemies as directed, Odion-rod covers the territory as whole outside the enemy that LiveAxe might have engaged. In other words, Odion-rod is on standby all the time protecting the Sanctuary of the owner. Owner should meditate over the means of Odion-rod to unravel its mysteries.

Investigating powers of any of the means from AAC or The Oboiro using traditional oracles or artifacts for divination used by witchdoctors, priests, and spiritualists, cannot yield any result. If oracles of witchcraft could unravel the nature and powers of Ebo, Ebo would lose its powers over them; it would not be able to fight them effectively and successfully.

Artifacts that derive powers from witchcraft are EBOR--fetish agents of witches and the priesthood. Those depend on blood offering for power. Ebo is not ebor, and does not depend on blood offerings for power. Those that need blood get it from battlefield; Ebo feeds on blood of enemies it slays in battle.

No diabolical being of any description can bribe it, corrupt it, or overcome it, as it does not depend on any sacrifices of blood. It is beyond voodoo objects as dolls, juju, and fetishes. Nothing contaminates or neutralizes its powers.

It works while in possession of men. Oyiya-comb is its equivalent for women.


Product ID Odion-ODM7


Price $499.95

Price Naira: N49, 950.00 (forty-nine thousand, nine hundred and fifty Naira.)

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